I introduce a number of around three tests where i tested grammatical sex consequences for the Polish

Inside the Try step 1 (based on the search paradigm by the Vigliocco et al., 2005) i put good categorization activity, where users was indeed requested to decide a couple of terms out of good triad, according to the basic organization regarding their similarity. The mark were to glance at whether or not significantly less than instance standards grammatical sex outcomes was present to have abstract terms and conditions, names regarding pet and you can inanimate stuff. From inside the Check out 2, in accordance with the Implicit Relationship Try (IAT) paradigm, players did a great semantic categorization task significantly less than severe day stress. Objective were to have a look at whether or not grammatical sex was implicitly obtainable when performing a role that operates in the lexical and you can semantic height. Within the Data 3, i looked at the fresh new attribution regarding male and female sounds so you’re able to pets and you can inanimate stuff, demonstrated both while the terms or photo, to help you ensure if the influence off grammatical intercourse goes beyond the lexical and you will semantic membership and you may to the visual representations, and you can yourself contrasting their consequences to own spoken and artwork stimuli.

We presumed that the obtained performance allows me to try brand new presumptions of one’s gender and intercourse hypothesis as well as the resemblance and you may gender hypothesis in the context of the newest Shine vocabulary

According to the intercourse and sex hypothesis, grammatical gender effects are expected to get dating danish girls healthier from inside the languages with a premier texture involving the grammatical sex of nouns additionally the physical sex of their referents. In the Polish, that it surface is limited of the proven fact that you will find three genders regarding only 1 means (masculine, feminine, neutral) as well as 2 men and women regarding plural mode (masculine-individual and you may non-masculine-personal), having a bit an intricate regards to their only one counterparts. Grammatical intercourse of nouns varies anywhere between their singular and you may plural models – the fresh non-masculine-individual plural form border all the just one setting nouns apart from male nouns dealing with some body. Including, ‘10 pies’ (a dog) that is male into the only one mode, gets ‘te psy’ (dogs), that’s non-masculine-individual within the plural, however, ‘ten kowal’ (an effective blacksmith, masculine just one) becomes ‘ci kowale’ (blacksmiths, masculine-personal plural). A less constrained types of the fresh gender and you may sex theory create predict around to be grammatical sex consequences only for nouns it comes to pets and you can individuals – having a physical intercourse. In the three experiments demonstrated within this paper, we incorporated nouns discussing dogs (Check out 1 and you will step 3), inanimate stuff (every experiments) and you will abstract records (Experiment step 1).

Other basis connected to the fresh new intercourse and you may sex/resemblance and you will gender hypotheses is the fact that Polish vocabulary uses an excellent wide variety of sex matical intercourse strongly related to of many elements of address, not only to nouns. Grammatical gender has to be felt while using the verbs, numerals, adjectives, pronouns, etc. In addition to similarity and you may intercourse hypothesis would expect that grammatical intercourse outcomes be present in all the fresh presented studies, having fun with one another animate and you can inanimate nouns. Watching grammatical sex effects for nouns referring to objects that do n’t have a physical intercourse would offer good service into resemblance and gender theory.

This new rigid brand of the latest gender and you may sex hypothesis carry out therefore predict insufficient grammatical intercourse outcomes into the Polish, perhaps not as opposed to of several had written education in german

This new presented lookup together with is designed to test several a great deal more specific look questions. Try out 2 uses a modified implicit association take to to investigate if or not grammatical sex effects into the Shine occur to the lexicosemantic height, and not only into abstract height. Experiment step 3 uses a strategy that requires attributing masculine/female sounds to help you stuff during the an animated film) to check on if or not grammatical intercourse outcomes exists to the an abstract height. Incase making reference to lexicosemantic and you can abstract quantities of processing, we make use of the distinction such as Vigliocco et al. (2005, p. 510): the fresh lexicosemantic level represents the brand new meanings out-of terms and conditions and their linguistic operating (suitable towards kinds, retrieving and utilizing lexical advice, etcetera.) without the need to would intellectual representations of one’s words’ referents. Conversely, this new conceptual level is based on the fresh mental representations of referents and their features, that is non-linguistic in the wild. Having fun with language in the place of referring to intellectual representations off items is strictly lexicosemantic, whenever you are operating rational representations without using code is strictly abstract.

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